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What is the active ingredient in this product? How is it different from botox?

The active ingredient in this product is Argireline. Argireline is one of the most effective peptides on the market today that helps promote the production of collagen in the skin, and is widely known to produce significant results in anti-aging that works like botox in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, but at a fraction of the cost without having to go through the hassle and pain of injection.It is also a safer alternative as it is a topical serum and does not enter the sub dermal layers of the skin, giving one a more natural look and the flexibility to have an uplifted effect as and when you like it, without enduring months of unnatural frozen smile :-)

How long does it take for the effect to work and how long does it last?

It typically works within 2 minutes of application and the effect lasts from 8 to 10 hours on average.

Is it safe to use?

All ingredients are FDA approved and is widely used worldwide. However, for those with sensitive skin, it is advised to seek your physician's advice before using the product.

Will my wrinkles and under eye bags disappear with continued use?

Argireline is clinically proven to diminish fine lines and wrinkles over time thus prolonged use of it may help reverse some of the signs of aging.

How long does it take to deliver my orders?

We value every order made and best service is assured. All items are shipped within the next business day upon confirmation of orders. We also provide free shipment worldwide for every order that meets the minimum order of 5 sachets.